Monday, 14 February 2011

influential web articles that have never been been seen on the web

Something which may surprise you is that many of the articles I've written about the SSD and storage markets for my main publication have never made it to the web - even though I edit that publication (which means they would easily meet my  standards).

It's not that they weren't good enough to publish  - but if they  took too long to write  then short term daily pressures for fresh content  bumped them off my to-do list - and maybe a few days or weeks later they just got abandoned.

The strange thing is  that the  analysis and thought processes that went into constructing those unseen  articles  has had an  impact on rewiring the synapses and assumptions  in my brain. And very often when I'm writing about about a related subject I start the process of linking to an article which no one else has read but me.

I can still find them on my notebook - and because they're in the same directory as live www  files  (they just never got completed and uploaded)  there's  a  strange feeling of loss and panic  when I can't find them online.

Oh yeah - I remember now - it never got that far.

Many of these articles are 95% complete - and even years later seem to fill  much needed gaps  in the analysis of the market.

The curious thing for me is that I do have the benefit of having written them - even if no one else has yet seen them.

In the thousands of years of writing - before the online world - this must have been a much more common experience. And even though my educational background was electronics, physics and maths (and not literature and all that stuff) even as an ignorant  technocrat barbarian  I am aware that during the course of history there have been many writers who are popular today - but who never got published in their lifetimes.

I'm not saying that a blog about some ephemeral aspect of a transient market like solid state storage  (which no one will care too much  about in 50 years time) can be compared to a novel or collection of poetry. (Which reminds me -  I do have  some novels I've finished which aren't online too. And I reread them when I'm in the right mood and have run out of anything else to read. My wife and I have over 4,000 books in our house - and  I've read  most of them - except  I confees I have skipped several hundred marketing books - because  I'm not the one in our household who runs product management master classes.)

 I'm just saying that going through the process of writing  articles which analyze some aspect of a high tech market helps to improve the quality of thought in later  articles  even if the original articles were never published. I guess it's like winning a track event. No one sees you training. But you are more likely to do better in public  if you have trained.

Shame about the links though.

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